Access Control Systems

Access control system – is a part of a security system designed for interaction between a certain resource and those who wish to use it, such interaction is possible only if authority who controls the resource grants permission to use it. The resource can be an office building, manufacturing plant, electronic equipment etc. and access to it may be controlled through use of electrical, mechanical equipment, electronic or computerized terminals etc.

Our company provides stand alone turn-key access control solutions as well as solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your enterprise’s overall security system and can work through your LAN infrastructure. Access control systems we install and service allow to:

  • control access rights
  • zone access rights
  • time access rights
  • clock-in-out
  • visitor/employee data management
  • full integration with the entire security system

If you are looking for a new system or adding to an existing one, our company’s experienced specialists will assist you in selecting a cost effective and reliable solution that meets your security requirements.