Closed-Circuit Television

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) - is the use of video equipment to transmit and display video signal at a specific place onto a limited number of monitors, such monitors are usually installed in security rooms, at central control desks, receptions etc. CCTV differs from regular television in that the signal is not openly transmitted. CCTV is usually an integral part of any large scale security system, it allows for uninterrupted video control over large areas and provides for a quick response by personnel.

Security systems which include CCTV allow to reduce number of security guards and also reduce their response time, thus creating cost effective and safe working environment. Video feeds from the surveillance sites can be recorded, analyzed and stored, depending on type of the equipment images can be in HD format and cameras can be controlled remotely. Modern day video equipment helps to provide better security regardless of weather conditions, time of day and it can work in conjunction with other types of security installations.

Our company provides turn-key CCTV security system solutions from design phase to installation, from post sale servicing of the equipment to training of your personnel. Please contact us and our experienced representative will help you in addressing your CCTV security needs.